Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reservation and Votes


India is known for unity in diversity. The country of different colors. colors of creativity, colors of festivals, colors of culture, colors of tradition, colors of life.

But these colors are being named after religion, named after castes-everyone knows  for what and  whose benefit... certainly not for benefits of common man.

 The fact remain India is divided into pieces by boundaries of reservations intended not really for upliftment of lower caste or of minority… reservation just to earn votes.

We Indians are suffering from the same old divide and rule policy adopted by the British. The same policy is adopted by our political leaders and they who fool the public. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, ST, SC, and OBC. 

 How much further are  we going to  keep dividing ourselves? The lure of reservation quota for backward classes and minorities to public is slowly killing our mindset and our system. More and more incompetent, ignorant and lazy people are getting into our system everywhere. How long will this discrimination  go on? 

I would like to directly blame the Central Govt who don't want Lokpal to be a reality. Cunning minds in the parliament just diverted the debate from anti-corruption law to a religious issue.  

                    The reservation is a sword that is used for cutting Unity.

Its a lollipop that is given to minority section, so that they will remain away from anti-corruption movement and would concentrate on issues of reservation of community.

all the minority section may it be a Muslim or christian, Sikh or other, be aware these politicians are just using the religion factor for earning votes and notes. Same is the case with Hindus.. hindu's are divided into schedule caste, scheduled tribes and  OBC for what.? 
Enough!  It is only  creating a valley of distances. The reservation is main cause for caste and religious discrimination and the reservation policy has became threat to unity of the country.

Tt has become a style of earning votes by dividing society into Hindu, Muslim, Christians, Sikhs, and so on. 
but time has come to show them we don't want reservation on basis of caste and religion. we are India. we may be poor, middle class or rich. Dear politicians if you people are really bothered about country, please don't divide us.. you want to give  Reservation give it to all section on basis of economic condition.

Stop the age old tactics of Divide and Rule.

Caution : Beware of the pretense of secularism.. which is actually dividing India.. political party who are dividing and luring minorities are more dangerous.We dont want any more partition. British did it with Bengal.. and selfish politician did it in 1947. Base was religion. so stop it now.  


  1. Completely agree with your view... if you want the development of minorities you can help them economically and make them competent enough for certain posts which they now get due to reservation. Focus should be on bridging the difference rather than widening them with more and more reservations.

  2. I completely agree both of... don't given a reservation in any department.. Only help them economically.

  3. bitter truth!!!!!! mass mobilisation against reservation for better future is needed !!!!!!