Thursday, 16 February 2012

TMC ready to ally with the corrupt

Trinamool Congress party has cunningly started fooling Goan’s aiming to put a few votes in their pockets. Trinamool congress is a party, which had supported UPA2 Govt. led by congress in the centre. However, this ‘chameleon’ party which has now come to Goa, has accused Congress party as the most corrupt party in Goa. The state president of Trinamool Congress Dr. Wilfred Dsouza has from the day one of party campaign accused BJP as communal and congress as most Corrupt party.

Trinamool has earlier announced that they will file candidate in all 40 constituencies but the poor party ended up filing only 22 candidates. Trinamool had time and again announced that they will not form alliance with any party after election to form a Govt.  but on Wednesday (15 feb) Dr. Wilfred Dsouza in a press conference said his party will never take help of BJP after election but it will prefer Congress party as alliance partner to form a Govt. after election.

This statement of Trinamool congress exposes its double slandereds. The party is just fooling Goan’s by calling congress the most corrupt party on one hand  and on the other hand it is  ready to join hands with the same corrupt party for power. The actual aim of TMC is only to capture power.

The tiny state of Goa has seen mass destruction of beautiful nature, mounting corruption and scams, and burden of inflation and unemployment. Goans are not so foolish as cunning politicians think. People of Goa know which party does what, the state has learned many lessons after watching the performance of successive state govt.s. They know that some so called secular parties are actually creating division in society with the so called secular agenda, and in the name of so called secular politics these parties create a record of scams.

Coming back to trinamool congress’s pitiful condition, congress leaders in state already said that trinamool has no base in Goa. congress party surly would have thought of pre-poll alliance if TMC had any strength in Goa

This funny TMC party  has accused congress of corruption. And Dr. Willy said Shah commission report is already leaked and according to the preliminary report state exchequer has suffered nearly 423 million dollar’s loss. So Dr. willy who has promised to give corruption free Govt to Goans is ready to Join Hand with the same Congress.

What an irony!

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