Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Congress: Casteist and Communal

Goa Congress is showing some  mildness in state ahead of the looming polls. The party which is steeped on allegation of corruption is now trying to stand on a base of dirty politics of caste and religion issues.  Actually,  It is not surprising to see congress as communal party. The so called secular of congress is always been used by its so called secular leaders to create a valley of difference between the people.  The central government under Congress lost its credibility  over corruption issues and so, had raised unconstitutional issue of reservations for minorities.

Recently,  Goa  Rajyasabha MP Shantaram Naik said at congress press conference,  that Goa BJP is trying to suppress Bahujan Samaj (OBC) in Goa.  Naik tried to gain political mileage from internal dispute in the  BJP over  not giving state assembly election  ticket to North Goa MP Sripad Naik. However,  Shantaram Naik totally failed to answer queries in same press conference about rampant illegal mining in Goa under  Congress reign.

Congress party  has also  created Medium of Instruction issue ( which is for suppressing mother tongue or local languages, and to give English medium education a financial aid ) which has been used as tool by a few congressman to lure and divide the  community in Goa. When journalists asked whether  MoI issue is Congress Government’s  achievement Shantaram Naik was seen helpless.    

In Goa congress party, with its insensitive and helpless leaders, has failed to solve local issues. In last five years,  Goa saw major scams like illegal mining, GIDC land allotment, the Drug-Nexus was a big stain on congress led Govt.  The Congress rule also failed to manage Balli agitation of ST community, which saw 2 peoples die. The tourism minister was also besieged by allegation of land scam, while Helath department was always being criticized for wrongful recruitment policy and corruption. The PWD minister was blamed for water tank scam. Whereas liquor scam and other corruption cases were a few more blots on Congress led Govt. in Goa.

Shantaram Naik might be left with no option to go before the  public so he might satisfy himself with narrow minded politics of raising caste base issues.

In a tit for tat policy,  BJP leader Venkayya Naidu slammedCcongress MP Shantaram Naik for his low level politics. He asked , if congress is so worried about OBC then why congress has not made obc leader the chief minister of Goa.

MP Shantaram was also confronted by opposition leader Manohar Parrikar stating that empty vessel make too much noise in context of Shantaram Naiks OBC issue. Parrikar made it clear that in Goa BJP has more MLA from OBC and it was the BJP who first  gave leadership to OBC and not the corrupt congress. He also blamed congress for high level of corruption and low level caste base politics.

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  1. excellent information, of course something which we will not get to know courtesy the so called main stream media. allow me to share my views :

    Goa has deteriorated under congress rule but yet it doesn't get any coverage. this is very clear from the very recent media event organized by Tehelka magazine (which i call another cong mouthpiece). Tehelka was given a detailed story on rampant illegal mining by congress but it was not published and when this group organizes an event, every body assembles there. it proves how too deep we have gone in our corruption.
    now the MB Shah report is ready to be published and it is well known that the report has indicted Digambar Kamath but yet the report is not being published. the reason is very obvious - congress can not afford to loose seats in goa. and the most wonderful part is that no media , worth its salt, is even demanding that the report be published.
    besides, the kind of blackening we had to take on our image for the kind of incidents that happened with tourists in Goa was so conveniently covered by media. imagine if it had happened in a BJP ruled state.
    now Congress & NCP has tied up for Goa. which again shows that how far these two parties will go to ensure that no other party comes to power. idea is very simple- jointly loot the state of its resources. we all know that the name of Ajay Pawar & jayant Pawar had been sailing for all the wrong reasons. Ajay pawar's name surfaced for illegal mining also.

    we are unfortunately living in a country where media should take the initiative to unravel such scams , if it consider its role properly but unfortunately it is not. an eveil nexus has been formed to keep the people away from information. herein such blogs , if read & SHOULD be read, are the only way out to inform people. thanks for the information.