Friday, 18 November 2011

Beggars of UP?

Are people of Uttar Pradesh beggars as title given by congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi?
In a bid to achieve political gain (votes) congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi in his speech asked the people of UP – “Kab tak Panjab me Majduri Karoge, kab tak Maharashtra me Jake Bhik mangoge” 

Rahul Gandhi gave this particular speech at Fulpur (Nehrujis Constituency) He might have chosen Fulpur to attract people toward congress taking advantage of Pat Glory. Because at present congress party is becoming infamous for scandals and corruption charges with evry passing day.

Rahul Gandhis statement might be for targeting Mayawatis Govt.
But… His speech is a clearly instigating regionalism- same concept opposed by congress when MNS doing for rights of Maharashtrians.
Readers plz notice the Fact UTTAR PRADESH is a state where congress leader like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi,  Sonia Gandhi and Rahul himself got elected . Before Mayawatis govt CONGRESS has ruled UP for atleast 25 years years. Since independence Congress party enjoyed the post of chief minister in UP more than any other party.

So again question arise what Congress did for development of UP. If people of UP are BHIKHARI  (beggars) then who is responsible ? Congress cannot say that before Mayawatis rule UP was Switzerland.
In fact at the time of congress rule, UP was among BIMARU that is a weak and much attention needed sick state. So, why congress had not done anything for UP to raise it from poverty?

Infact Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party is partner of UPA led by congress party in central Govt – so Rahul Gandhi is just making fool of people of UP and Indians at large.
If Mayawatis BSP is criticized by Rahul Gandhi as Mafia Raj and for rampant corruption then how can a Mafia rule became crutches of Congress to form UPA Govt.


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